The ArrrrCamp ship has docked!

Published on 2013-10-07

Arrrr me hearties!

After an amazing couple of days ArrrrCamp has come and gone and we'd like to take a moment to look back at this last edition.

Our sponsors are the people who made this possible in the first place. A big thank you to each and every one of them, as well as our partner the city of ghent. We'd also like to thank the people of confreaks, Cindy and James, for recording all of the talks and Coby for setting this up. The next time you see them, make sure to thank them once again!

Although we couldn't have left the docks without their help, it would mean nothing without a fantastic line-up of speakers. This year we saw a record number of talk proposals being submitted and it showed - we're super proud of the schedule we managed to put together.

But in my opinion the most important part of our little conference is you folks! There's nothing more satisfying than to see people make new friends and reunite with old ones over a coffee or a few drinks. We've heard this on a number of occasions and there's no better compliment than this. Thank you for being an amazing bunch of people!

Lastly we'd like to thank Openminds for an amazing boat party and of course for allowing us to work on ArrrrCamp, as well as GitHub and Zach Holman in particular for organizing a fantastic drinkup on Friday. The drinkup allowed us to meet up one last time during the conference and meet people from the GitHub community in general who maybe did not get to attend ArrrrCamp.

It's time for us to put our pirate hat aside for a while and start planning for next year. If you have feedback for us, good or bad, we'd love to hear about it! See you next year, or at a conference near you.

Yo-ho-ho and fair winds to y'all,

The Cap'n and his crew