Meetups during ArrrrCamp

Published on 2013-09-29

Arrr me mateys,

We just wanted to give you a final heads up about what the cap'n has planned for Wednesday evening, the night before ArrrrCamp.

You're all welcome to join us for some drinks (we have Belgian beers!) and fries at the venue, Zebrastraat 32, from 8pm and onwards. The captain is buying!

Location of the venue

The next morning, Thursday, registration will open at 8am and you can enjoy breakfast until the opening keynote at 9am.

On Thursday evening there's the Openminds Boat Party at Le Bateau, Muinkkaai 1 from 8pm.

Directions from the venue to Le Bateau

On Friday GitHub is throwing a drinkup over at Patrick Foley's and they're even tackling the bar tab. We're welcome to go have a drink from 8:30pm. The address is Recollettenlei 10.

GitHub Meetups blog

Directions from the venue to Patrick Foley's

We will be tweeting this information throughout the conference, make sure to follow @arrrrcamp on Twitter. It's also the easiest way to get in touch during the conference, but feel free to email us as well. Or pull our arm. Obviously. If that doesn't work, here are our telephone numbers:

Hannes: +32 479 37 78 57

Joren: +32 473 43 69 54

As a last resort, you can call the office as well: +32 9 225 82 91

See you soon ye scurvy scum! ;-)

Joren, Hannes & the crew