Important travel info

Published on 2012-09-28

Hi Matey,

I have some slightly bad news you should know about.

Starting October second at 22h, next Tuesday, the national railway holds a 24 hour strike and therefor, not a single train will ride that day. This means that all of you coming by plane or train won’t get to Ghent that easily.

We are looking for alternatives for those who come by plane, or those who come by train from the Netherlands, Germany, France,… But to have a clear idea of the amount of people in need for transportation on the third, we need to know all the details.

So could you please let us know if you’re planned to arrive in Ghent on the third, if you planned to use the train in any way, where you will be stranded and when that will be…

Only then we can see if, and that is a big if, we can do something to help, arrange a shuttle, hijack a bus or any other way. Or in worst case get a bunch of you mateys together at a certain place where you could share a taxi.

So please contact your travel agency or railway company and enquire what they suggest and how far you will get and let us know.

On Monday we will collect all this info and see what we can do to help you get to Ghent.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Hope to see you all next Wednesday or Thursday for an arrrrrsome ArrrrCamp

Your Captain and his crew.